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Two Kids and a Crawdad

A Poem.

Two Kids and a Crawdad

by NinadesusOjos


Sun-shot shadows of skitter bugs, on moving amber water,

Our pant knees rolled, our cold wet hands touch

as we pry that biggest rock,

sharing expectancy.

We turn the rock. Mud spurts up

and scooting over our toes, he glides

beneath another rock.

We scream, step back and trip with icy splash,

becoming, briefly, part of

pebbled sunshine, mud,

and dappled crawdad’s world.IMG_3311


Telling Stories under the Full Moon all around the World

Recently, I heard a true story about a thousands-year-old tradition in Damascus of having Professional Story-Tellers. “One Thousand Arabian Nights”, as a major piece of Syrian literature is a direct part of the historical tradition of this nation, and I believe what is now the book of that title was primarily oral literature up until Richard Burton’s translation of the same, into English, in the last quarter of the 1800’s.


Lonely Planet travel guide says that the last professional Damascene story-teller retired in 1974.  At the same time, there was a young guy in Damascus who used to love reading and story-telling so much that he would often run away from his job at the local library in order to have enough time to enjoy his life’s passion of reading more books!  When the last Official Professional Story-teller retired, this boy began dressing up in ancient traditional Syrian costume and going to a public square every evening, and telling stories.  He’s been continuing the tradition for many decades now, even though sometimes his audience is sparse.


How SAD to think that he may have had to STOP because of this terrible war!  He may have even been killed!


Many of this man’s stories were the traditional age-old ones of the Middle-East.  He would have stacks of handwritten books, that authorities had entrusted to him, that he would display beside him and, at times, hold in his hands as he would tell the tales.  Some evenings, he would use much drama in his story-telling presentation, and often would make up new stories, of his own, often ones that shrewdly illustrated or poked cynical fun at world-wide political realities.IMG_0195

“Desire, when harnessed, is power.”

“Desire, when harnessed, is power”. – Jack Shwartz in his book The Magic of Thinking Big, as recommended in Melody Beattie’s classic, Codependent No More.

So, I was in the market just now…

So, I was in the market just now, which is a section of pavement of the street. But with some of the more major weekly vendors having rigged sailcloth shades, on rebar extensions, to mark out their “puesto” (stand) and provide a little partial shade.

And, my eye was drawn to the colors of the yarn. I approached a woman selling yarn and, as I came closer, I saw that she had not only yarn but hand-knitted items of all kids; baby sweater sets, mostly.  It was beautiful work!

So, I asked for one skein of yellow yarn and she said, “Two?”.  I said, “Just one, please.” I could see she wondered what I would be wanting with just one skein, but she was too polite to ask. As she placed my lonely little skein into a plastic bag and handed it to me I said to her, “Yeah, I’m just practicing and don’t do this very well yet, but I want to learn. You don’t know anybody who gives knitting lessons, do you?”

Her whole face brightened immediately and she said, ” Well, I don’t, but my friend does; she’ll be here next Saturday, you know, that other woman who was here with me last week. You two could just sit here, for half an hour, and she could give you pointers!”


With a huge smile she told me her name, and her friend’s name, and I told her my name! I’m making a new friend, maybe two!

And, hopefully, learning how to knit faster without cramping my shoulder!



A sight that was a little gift from God to me, at “go to market” Saturday. Just sitting there, on the pavement! Cochabamba, Bolivia!


Market Yesterday! We’re loving’ this aspect!

Food and Drink that Nourishes and Delights!

Mathew 5: 6, in The Message “You’re blessed when you’ve worked up a good appetite for God; he’s food and drink in the best meal you’ll ever eat.”

God has filled the world with all manner of delights.


peonies in Pike Market, Seattle

“God has filled the world with all manner of delights.” – author unknown    peonies in Pike Market, Seattle

God has filled the world with all manner of delights.


peonies in Pike Market, Seattle

“God has filled the world with all manner of delights.” – author unknown    peonies in Pike Market, Seattle


Dried Fish in the Market, with the Fly Whisk