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Children’s Bible lesson to teach, at 2 p.m.

IMG_8362img_2769Today, a children’s Bible lesson to teach to about 30 kids, at 2. This morning I am studying for it, preparing for it. I’m asking prayer, that God will help me to give the lesson in a super clear and accurate way. It’s on Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the fiery furnace (Daniel chapter 3) so, plenty of grist for our mills there! As in just about every spot in the Bible, if only our eyes were opened…

And, asking prayer also that God’s amazing love and freedom, proffered, and unfailing friendship available, will impact each of the children’s hearts through the true story and talk.




-a poem by NinadesusOjos


that nourishes my body and my mind,

green and raw and crisp and orange,

no greasy, sweet, soft, white, starch, flour,

thirst-quenching springwater,

apples, oatmeal, quinua, squash and lettuce.


reading to learn,

reading to be stung to think,

reading to laugh,

reading to relax and fly away.


to know Him more,

to enjoy Him more deeply,

to worship Him more fervently,

to study His Word,

to delight myself in my beloved position with Him.


marveling at their quirks and mine,

smiling at a ten-year-old’s clumsy joke,

listening to their hearts,

mourning with them in their grief,

dancing hand-in-hand in their triumphs,

sharing my Lovely and Loving God with them.

M.C.M. Bearing Fruit

img_5903– Guest Post by P.B.

“Feliciano Rios lives with his wife and five children in Chillavi, a small Andean town located in the high mountains to the north of Cochabamba.  Like almost all of the residents of Chillavi and the surrounding villages, Feliciano and his family live off subsistence agriculture, farming small parcels of land.  They also have small herds of sheep and llamas.

Feliciano has been a believer for 24 years, since before he was married.  Feliciano didn’t grow up in church, nor in a Christian family.  He has never been to a Bible school or seminary of any type.  However, for the past four years Feliciano has been the itinerant leader of 19 little churches spread out through the mountains around Chillave.  How does he do it?  Where did he learn the Word of God?

As Feliciano will tell you, “M.C.M. short-wave radio has taught me the Bible.  The programs encourage me, teach me how to educate my children, how to be a good husband and father, how to resolve the challenges that come up in a family.  The Radio has shown me how to grow and mature.  While I listen to the programs, I take notes in order to share with others in the 19 churches I help.  M.C.M. has been my teacher.”

Feliciano has listened to M.C.M. radio since we started broadcasting almost 15 years ago.  It is great to hear of the Radio’s impact on his life, and the manner in which that has gone on to impact the lives of so many others.”


Clash of Cultures – Andean Rural and “City”


And they who know Your Name….

img_5414As a teenager I became somewhat familiar with the Amplified Version of the Bible because Mom had it around and used it in her daily personal Bible study and prayer time each  morning.

Nowadays, there are so many newer versions out that Christians don’t see or hear mention of the Amplified Version often.

During the ten years our young and growing family lived in Sucre, Bolivia, a large, old, beautiful and intensely historic town in the southern highlands , we belonged to a wonderful outreach to crosscultural workers that was called “Reader’s Service”.  “Reader’s Service” would send us big mailbags full of used books for a nominal fee.  These used books – some very well-used! – were donated to a large warehouse, by people in U.S. and Canada who no longer had a use for them yet still wanted to make them available to others, especially families serving overseas where access to public libraries and/or access to books in general in the person’s heart language might be limited or completely nonexistent.  This was our situation during those ten years.

We LOVED Reader’s Service and, a couple times a year when the books arrived, it was like Family Christmas!

Early in our family’s Reader’s Service Sucre years, they sent us a battered, tiny, tatter-jacketed Amplified Version New Testament, which, following in my life mentor-mother’s footsteps, I used in my morning “quiet time” with God for at least a couple of years.  After that we moved,  and, a few years after that we had a major yard sale when our daughter graduated from high school in Bolivia.  We lost the book.

Recently, on my beloved Kindle device, I downloaded an electronic version of the Amplified and this morning, traveling, was using  the Amplified Version of the Psalms in my daily quiet time with God.  This verse stood out for me and gave me strength and comfort:   Psalms 9:10  “And they who know Your Name (who have experience and acquaintance with Your mercy) will lean on and confidently put their trust in You, for You, Lord, have not forsaken those who seek (inquire of and for) You (on the authority of God’s Word and the right of their necessity). (Ps. 42:1).”

About Amy Carmichael of Dohnavoor

Excerpts from “Candles in the Dark” by Amy Carmichael:


(from the Introduction:)  “Her power to help those in need came from HER TIMES OF LISTENING TO HER LORD.  ‘Sometimes,’ she wrote, ‘it is as if another Hand were turning over the pages of my Bible and finding the places for me.’


“God needs those who are ready to lay down their very lives to lead others into true soldiership and a true following of the Crucified.”

“The best training is to learn to accept everything as it comes, as from Him whom our soul loves.  The tests are always unexpected things, not great things that can be written up, but the common little rubs of life, silly little nothings, things you are ashamed of minding one scrap.  Yet they can knock a strong man over and lay him very low.

It is a very good thing to learn to take things by the right handle.  An inward grouse is a devastating thing.  I expect you know this, we all do, but it is extraordinary how the Devil tries to ‘get’ us on the ordinary road of life.  But all is well, if only we are in Him, deep in Him, and He in us our daily strength and joy and song.”   – from p. 2, excerpt from a personal letter to someone.IMG_8293

Prayer for my day


Good morning.  Thank you for your presence with me and in me, through your Holy Spirit. Thank you that you promise your children your mercies fresh and new for each of them every morning.  Thanks for your faithfulness to us, the children of men, and  for the fact that you are good, and for the fact that you never change. Thank you also that you are love.  Lord, there are so many needs around us all, millions of needs.  Some of the needs and hurts are more visible and others are of the heart, hidden, but not hidden to you.  People need you, Lord.  You’ve chosen us to be your hands and feet, to be your light in darkness, your salt to lend savor and healing to your planet, earth, and to the hurting children of men.  Help us, your children, your chosen ones who know you, to walk closely with you this day being good salt, being good light.  Amen.IMG_6839


Fixing the Lines



Cochabamba Sunflower


“I love you, oh Lord, my Strength.”

Psalm 18: 1-3  I love You, oh Lord, my Strength.  The Lord is my Rock, my Fortress and my Deliverer.  My God is my Rock, in whom I take refuge.  He is my Shield, and the Horn of my salvation, my Stronghold.  I call to the Lord, who is Worthy of Praise.


23 1/2 hour trip yesterday – we rose from our bed and sprang into action yesterday at 4 a.m. and we traveled a hemisphere in a day.  But it was a north-south hemisphere.  Which DEFINITELY has its advantages over east-west travel, in that one gets to stay in the same time zone.  Yay! So, to return to yesterday and today’s story, we fell into bed in Mom B.’s downstairs room at exactly 3:30 a.m. today.

THANKFUL for God’s journey mercies to us – everything in the trip went smoothly.  More or less.

This afternoon we have been enjoying a tiny written “Christmas” in July – of encouraging, beautiful, grace-filled Christmas cards, birthday cards, Mother’s Day cards to us that we are getting to open and read for the first time! That’s because we can’t really use the postal system of Bolivia very successfully, which is sad.  There’s just too much chance of something not making it to its destination.  But now…TODAY…we are getting “Written Christmas in July” instead!

Something about it – the snail mail beautiful cards with their hand-written notes – mean even more to us TODAY than if we had received them at Christmastime.

THANK YOU, those friends and family who lovingly, thoughtfully, sent us cards and letters!  We love them, and we thank GOD for YOU.