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A Poem by Amy Carmichael




A great wind blowing, raging sea,

And rowers toiling wearily

Far from the land, where they would be.


And then, One coming, drawing nigh;

They care not, now, for starless sky.

The Light of life says, “It is I”.


They care not, now, for toil of oar,

For lo, the ship is near the shore,

And their Beloved they adore.


Lord of the Lake of Galilee

who long ago, walked on the sea,

My heart is comforted in Thee.


Two Kids and a Crawdad

A Poem.

Two Kids and a Crawdad

by NinadesusOjos


Sun-shot shadows of skitter bugs, on moving amber water,

Our pant knees rolled, our cold wet hands touch

as we pry that biggest rock,

sharing expectancy.

We turn the rock. Mud spurts up

and scooting over our toes, he glides

beneath another rock.

We scream, step back and trip with icy splash,

becoming, briefly, part of

pebbled sunshine, mud,

and dappled crawdad’s world.IMG_3311

Haiku #4. Water


by NinadeSusojos



Colors in oceans,

indigo, turquoise, grey, jade,

iridescent charm.

Haiku #6. Eyes.


by NinadeSusOjos



We look there first.  Search

deep who the person true is.

Gaze those windows.  Know.






lilting chatter, laughs,

mellifluous, wet mud roads,

colored skirts, white smiles.  – NinadeSusOjos











Kekchi Girls




Baskets on their heads,

hair flows down like lava streams,

colored skirts swing to ankles.    – NinadeSusOjos









Jewels nestled in green,

speckled jungle glimmers POP!

roots search to the sky.    – NinadeSusOjosIMG_5582


Haiku #5. Baby


by NinadeSusOjos



Soft and solid, curved,

ski-jump nose, small rosebud lips,

chubby, changing.  Joy.

Haiku #2

Travel       Haiku #2

-by NinadeSusOjos


Boredom not a theme,

Exhausting, more than foreseen,

Unique delight reigns.





Love of learning. Haiku #3

Love of Learning      Haiku #3

by NinadeSusOjos




Thirst for wide knowledge,

slaked, then surging once again,

all through life.  Wisdom.

Haiku #8. “Goodbye”

Haiku #8.  “Goodbye”

by NinadeSusOjos



Dread word!  Don’t say it.

Hurts too bad again.  Shut up.

Pretend that this is normal.

Suggestions for Shopping the Big Market



separate you from people.

Thread your knees

between idling taxis,

inching gargantuan buses.

Squeeze yourself

among ten thousand

warm bodies.

Your eyes assailed

teeming worlds of bright,

melèe of colors,

by a new universe

of strange (only to you!)


Whiff of frying meat

assaults your nose,

old urine,

fragrance of mountained roses,

stench of rotting garbage,

husky aroma of homemade leather goods,

wet grassy FRESH of handwoven baskets

mingled with fish getting older,

tang of ripening nectarines.

All this is the lives of families,

of children working,

of persons like you.

Please know it’s not only another trip.

Do realize it’s not just a destination

to check off

your bucket list.   -a poem by Niñadesusojos.