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Beautiful or Telling Portions from “Gilead” by Marilynne Robinson #2

“That mention of Feuerbach and joy reminded me of something I saw early one morning a few years ago, as I was walking up to the church. There was a young couple strolling along half a block ahead of me. The sun had come up brilliantly after a heavy rain, and the trees were glistening and very wet. On some impulse, plain exuberance, I suppose, the fellow jumped up and caught hold of a branch, and a storm of luminous water came pouring down on the two of them, and they laughed and took off running, the girl sweeping water off her hair and her dress as if she were a bit disgusted, but she wasn’t. It was a beautiful thing to see, like something from a myth. I don’t know why I thought of that now, except perhaps because it is easy to believe in such moments that water is made primarily for blessing, and only secondarily for growing vegetables or doing the wash. I wish I had paid more attention to it. My list of regrets may seem unusual, but who can know that they are, really. This is an interesting planet. It deserves all the attention you can give it.” – Gilead, 10 % on Kindle

Most Poignant Quotes by Good Writers #2

“Sorry I’m such a self-conscious correspondent.” – from the novel Mozart’s Ghost by Julia Cameron

Most Poignant Quotes by Good Writers #1

some of God’s breathtaking winter beauty in New Hampshire

“And we longed for the extraordinary. People rooted in security often do.” – from the novel What We Keep by Elisabeth Berg

Funniest Passages by Good Writers #2

“It was an oddity about me that the subject I had the most difficulty with, Science, was the one I loved the most. I would stare at formulas and admire them for their spare beauty without being able to grasp their meaning. The fact that they cleanly explained some higher law to someone else was enough for me. It comforted me.” – Elisabeth Berg in her novel What We Keep.

Letters, otherwise known (these days) as Messages, Texts, Emails and Phone calls.

“More than kisses, letters mingle souls.” – John Donne

Shepherding, discipling – a high calling and huge responsibility

I love the way she puts this!

img_5903“One of my favorite words for PASTOR is curate.  The term is unfamiliar to many of us.  But the word “curate” signifies a person who partners with God for the “cure of the soul” or, in Dallas Willard’s words, the “renovation of the heart”.  Mentors, spiritual directors, spiritual friends, parents, teachers, pastors and disciplers are called to take a risk on God as they accompany people in the Spirit’s soul-curing work.” – Adele Calhoun, p. 265, The Spiritual Disciplines Handbook – Practices that Transform Us.


what you need:


“the consistent desire to become a better writer tomorrow than today”. – Bill Pronzini, WRITERimg_1896


(to me, this implies LOTS of writing daily, to practice!  always practicing…)


“Thankfulness is a thread that can bind together all the patchwork squares of our lives. Difficult times, happy days, seasons of sickness, hours of bliss — all can be sewn together into something lovely with the thread of thankfulness. Jesus was especially good at doing this.Once he was in a tough situation with a lot of hungry people on his hands, and all he had were five love of bread and two fish. He could have complained that God shouldn’t have expected him to feed five thousand people with so little. But Jesus didn’t write off the loaves and fish as nothing. He noticed what was given and ‘gave thanks’ for it.(Mark 8:6) And in the less-than-perfect-circumstances, God supplied all that was needed. We, like Jesus, have choices about how to respond to what life dishes up.We each have the power to interpret the facts of our lives. We make the choices that turn us into bitter or grateful people. Gratitude is rooted in the reality that, ‘bidden or unbidden, God is present'(Carl Jung).” – Adele Calhoun in her book, Spiritual Disciplines Handbook – Practices that Transform Us, IVP 2015.


quilt:  unknown artist, Deerfield Fair, Deerfield, NH, October, 2016.img_2663

“Liberty is always dangerous, but it’s the safest thing we have.” – Harry Emerson Fosdick


Thinkable Quotables #2

“thank God, my suitcase just got delivered to me! smile emoticon The man took it back to the airport, and the airline just delivered it to my parents’ home.” – my FB post from 4 years ago, NinadeSusOjos.IMG_0114