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the world has SO many different kinds of people! one of the kinds is “contemplative”!

are you a contemplative type of person? am I? here’s a beautiful little excerpt from Adele Calhoun, in her book Spiritual Disciplines-practices that transform us.   When I read it, one friend in particular popped right into my mind; this friend is a CLASSIC contemplative!

“A contemplative person recognizes that every experience offers more than meets the eye. They know that “bidden or unbidden, God is present”. Consequently, contemplatives are open to seeing the unseen world. They sift the days for symbols, and scan the sunsets for meaning. They enter in to the being of life, alert to transcendencies in ordinary things. They believe God may be found and reverenced if one is prepared to notice how marvelously mysterious and personal life in this world is. So contemplatives invite us into the moment and tell us to be. – p. 49 under “Part Two – Open Myself to God”.