Planet Impressions. Encourage. Inkblots in Rainbow Colors. Doing community in the global south and other places. "Higher up and further in!" with an outreach twist.

“Refranes” I am studying as I try to improve Spanish-speaking abilities…

My friend gave me these:


“Pon tu cabeza en funcionamiento antes de poner tu lengua en movimiento.”  (Put your brain in gear before you put your tongue in action.)


“He metido la pata”  (Oops!  Now I’ve messed everything up!)



“Si quieres empobrecer, gasta en lo que no tienes que menester.”  (If you want to get poor, spend on things you don’t need.)



“Ojos que no ven, corazón que no siente.”  (Eyes that see not, heart that feels not.)



“Cuando el rio suena, piedras trae.”  (Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.) (literally, when the river makes noise, it’s carrying rocks down the riverbed.)IMG_5413


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