Footprints to Zanzibar

Wow! Too deep for me, but so good! (more Keller books gleanings)

still on the topic of suffering:

I would consider this to be the nugget in the center of the Christian belief about pain and suffering in the world.- La Niña de Sus Ojos




“The Christian understanding of suffering is dominated by the idea of grace. In Christ we have received forgiveness, love, and adoption into the family of God.

These goods are undeserved, and that frees us from the temptation to feel proud of our suffering.

But also, it is the present enjoyment of those inestimable goods that make suffering bearable. Scheler writes, ‘It is not the glowing prospect of a happy afterlife, but the experienced happiness of being in a state of grace of God while in the throes of agony that released the wonderful powers in the martyrs.’

Indeed, suffering not only is made bearable by these joys, but suffering can even enhance these joys, in the midst of sorrow.” – Walking with God through Pain and Suffering, Tim Keller, pp. 29-30, Penguin, 2013.


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