Footprints to Zanzibar

M.C.M. Bearing Fruit

img_5903– Guest Post by P.B.

“Feliciano Rios lives with his wife and five children in Chillavi, a small Andean town located in the high mountains to the north of Cochabamba.  Like almost all of the residents of Chillavi and the surrounding villages, Feliciano and his family live off subsistence agriculture, farming small parcels of land.  They also have small herds of sheep and llamas.

Feliciano has been a believer for 24 years, since before he was married.  Feliciano didn’t grow up in church, nor in a Christian family.  He has never been to a Bible school or seminary of any type.  However, for the past four years Feliciano has been the itinerant leader of 19 little churches spread out through the mountains around Chillave.  How does he do it?  Where did he learn the Word of God?

As Feliciano will tell you, “M.C.M. short-wave radio has taught me the Bible.  The programs encourage me, teach me how to educate my children, how to be a good husband and father, how to resolve the challenges that come up in a family.  The Radio has shown me how to grow and mature.  While I listen to the programs, I take notes in order to share with others in the 19 churches I help.  M.C.M. has been my teacher.”

Feliciano has listened to M.C.M. radio since we started broadcasting almost 15 years ago.  It is great to hear of the Radio’s impact on his life, and the manner in which that has gone on to impact the lives of so many others.”


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