how I learn how much God loves me.

Being Three Years Old in Cameroun in 1960

IMG_5880That two-storey cavern of a house at Sakbayeme.  Accepting it and all of “Sak” as “normal”, as children do, and reveling, just REVELING in all that Sakbayeme was and had!  Getting out the cotton sunsuits and the expensive leather high-topped shoes for my foot problems, with Mom from the tiny air-conditioned dry room.  Running around the hilltop with Brother and Simeon, climbing and playing tag in the little guava trees. Mom and Rosalie, grabbing the ax, carrying it outside and killing the chicken and us kids watching, fascinated, while the chicken runs around headless in circles, then flops over.  Mom boiling water in a huge pot, scalding the gaunt little chicken, then tweezering out the pinfeathers to make chicken stew with dumplings in the pressure cooker for noontime dinner that day! YUM!


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