Footprints to Zanzibar

Scrawled in my notebook when I was fifteen…

1524757_626242250762494_711478143_nJan. 28, 1973. Sunday afternoon.

J. is going with W.E., five days after D. jilted her!  The situation is just as bad as before, if not worse! I was so upset when I found out this morning but I’ve turned it all over to God and so I guess all we can do is pray really hard now!

Jan. 29, 1973. Monday

I just had my read-pray time and it helped me alot(sic) I think.  Jhon(sic) 14 – 17 is the neatest part of the whole Bible, practically. When I read it, it just reminds me of all the basic truths again and renews my trust and peace so much.  Also takes away my loneliness.

Jan.31, 1973


  1. to get a boyfriend. – when I write this down in plain words out of my head it looks harsh and bare and I’m ashamed of it.  I realize through the Bible that this should not even be a goal in itself.  If God wants me to have a special person, He will tell me and make it happen!  Maybe not – HIS will be done.
  2. to become a more complete person through God, more outgoing and outthinking – better personal habits (studying), more fruits of the Spirit, loving, open to God. – I think this is my best bet – I know it is!  But the only worthwhile way to accomplish it is through obeying and listening to God. He has to be the most important.  and maybe #1 would be a byproduct if I get it in the right proportion to the rest.
  3. to be liked and popular. – wrong. same as #1.

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