Footprints to Zanzibar

Love the way tools, art, clothing and home or business decor are homemade or homemended in gl0bal-majority countries.

This decoration in a tiny taxi we rode in near Guatemala City was swinging wildly back and forth as the friendly older driver skillfully navigated the winding crowded streets. At home (Bolivia) a few weeks ago, my brand name running shoes had slowly developed over the course of a year two holes in their mesh, one of which was getting huge.  I took them to a man with a hand-wheel sewing machine, on the side of the road, and he mended them, beautifully, with fabric and stitches, not glue.  For about the equivalent of one dollar.  I’ll have another two years of wear out of them. I’ve a friend who has furnished the only office of the ngo she founded and directs from items cast off by others and salvaged from the Cochabamba dump. For a year she had no desk chair to work at her computer (not a laptop!) with; then her brother who is in the salvage business picked up a broken fifties-style swivel desk chair (in the U.S.A. it would probably be valuable as “retro” or antique and sell on E-Bay for 8000 dollars!) for free and fixed it for her office, which is the side of her bedroom.IMG_8106


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