Congo to a teenager. Bolivia. Cameroun. What is a faun? Higher up and further in with an outreach twist. Writing.

July 12, 1973 about halfway through summer vacation in Cameroun, from TASOK in the Congo, between my sophomore and junior year of high school as an American teen in Africa

I had just turned 16.

Sans Souci

At Kribi.  Our family minus B. (older brother) has gotten pretty close here at the beach this time!  I think we are closer on the whole than we have ever been before!  So I really really hope that when (Brother) comes with S. (his older high school friend from Ethiopia whom none of the rest of the family had yet met) it still stays that way.


With S. fitting in as part of the family.  I want to be completely MYSELF – do anything I’d do if it were just family, and I’m not going to tense up and try to impress.  Cuz it wouldn’t work anyway!

Oh, please God, let it work out COMPLETELY!


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