Footprints to Zanzibar

Old Journal Entry from when I was 16.

May 31, 1973  Thursday night.

Looking back over these pages, I realize that there is a huge gap, not only in time from when I last wrote in this notebook but in what has been happening to me and in how I’ve changed inwardly.  So much has happened since then – doing this is one way, I guess, of God letting us realize that He DOES make us grow.  Even though in day-by-day life, we don’t even see it.

My feelings these weeks are very different from the hangups I had at the beginning of the school year, about God not seeming close and real, and about my agonizing about popularity.

Alot (sic)of this change in me is due, I guess, to the experience I had while at our Youth Camp in March; the infilling of the Holy Spirit. I don’t even want to describe it here in words. I think that would be impossible!  I know I will ALWAYS treasure the memory in my mind.IMG_0734


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