Footprints to Zanzibar

Getting to the Kinshasa airport and other adventures, June 1973. God answers prayers of tenth graders! (verbatim excerpts from first journal notebook)

IMG_1314June 10, 1973, journal entries continued- We are three; two boys and a girl (me), two tenth graders and one eleventh grader.

What a hassle getting out of Kinshasa this morning.  It was horrible, and I think it’s going to take me the two and a half months of summer vacation to recuperate! (Oh, while I’ve been writing this we have taken off, had our second breakfast of the day and are now descending toward Libreville.  It’s been about an hour.)  Anyways, Aunt G. got us up at 3:45 a.m. today, we got ready, said goodbyes ( me to R.), and left for the airport in the hostel combi.  About halfway there, soldiers with machine guns stopped us and held us there because we didn’t have a certain paper, but after about twenty minutes they let us through.  Some of them were drunk.

Well, all that made us later still when we finally did make it to the airport.  After about thirty or forty minutes we got our luggage through and went on to the formalities line.

Then there was a huge mix up that held us there for at least another hour.  We were not going to be able to go. Both J. and I didn’t have a particular paper and THEN……. it was discovered that J. had no visa – it had run out almost four months previously! I felt real scared, and prayed and prayed and prayed in my heart. Then, THEY LET US THROUGH!

It was a real miracle – God sure does answer prayer!

Now we have stopped for ten minutes at Libreville, and are up again, speeding north toward Douala!


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