Footprints to Zanzibar

MPH morning joys and dreams 42 years ago…

IMG_6587written when I was fifteen,  MPH is an acronym for “methodist/presbyterian hostel” and was where i lived for 3 years…





Jan. 29, 1973 journal entry.


Psalm 9: 9-10  And those who know Thy Name put their trust in Thee for Thou, oh Lord, hast not forsaken those who seek Thee.


I think that verse is just beautiful – God has given it to me now and it is just what I need.  I am truly seeking Him and I know that surely someday soon I am going to find Him.  I’m praying and reading the Book now in the little cubbyhole room off the library.  It has just been raining and everything is cool and fresh and the birds are chortling and warbling outside and Linda is practising piano in the next room, up and down the scales.  The cars go swishing by on the wet road outside and there are sodden wet leaves on the roof right outside this window.  I came here because I have to talk to God, try to find Him again in that alive, pulsing touch-feel-see way.  I’ve just lost all my realness about Him.  I have to struggle to make myself read the Book and pray, I have to remind myself to remember Him during the day.  Sometimes I talk to people about religion and everybody thinks I am a real good and goody Christian but I’m not.


(to be continued tomorrow or the next day).


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