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Latest Update on the Outreach to the Children

My friend and I had lunch together in my home today and we’re going to do that every Wednesday.  I think it’ll do her health good to get away for a couple hours every now and then. Our very first mom’s meeting, which is scheduled for Friday afternoons every other week, went WELL, with eight moms showing up!  Yay! For the first little while we are doing “reposteria” which is the cooking of desserts.  After that, we may switch to some….quilting?  Yikes!  Who’s going to teach that?  I know only a tiny bit of that; another lady knows a bit too.  I don’t think either one of us knows enough quilting to teach it well.  Maybe this will be motivation enough for me to practice and get going on quilting on my own time, in order to then pass on what I learn from doing it? I’m incredibly fortunate and blessed, in my context here, to have a sewing machine; most people here DON’T.  And here mine sits – I seldom use it! Friday we are taking all the children and, we are hiring a bus and we are doing an all day excursion, to  a local mountainside that is covered with eucalyptus trees! I think we are all looking forward to getting among TREES. This will be our yearly holiday celebration of May 1rst – International Labor Day. The child whose father was murdered and whose mother is in jail had to go to the grandmother because there was nowhere else for her to go, and the grandmother has stopped letting her come to outreach. Our three children ages 9, 6 and 1  are not being allowed by their mother to come to outreach. The tiny windowless, mud-floored room, with only a curtain for a door, where this family lives does not have a table or a chair where the kids can do their homework – they have to do their homework on the floor or on the one single bed that the whole family sleeps in. Our children are getting Thursdays full of kids’ visualized Bible lessons plus arts and crafts and Christian children’s songs, now!  They are getting lots of help with their school homework, and they are getting nutritious morning and afternoon snacks of traditional purple cornmeal homemade popsicles, and, sometimes, hot oatmeal-type drinks made out of traditional South American grains. (These beverages are liked here!)  Sometimes they get fruit, and every now and then, they get a bit of milk.  These last items are all happy improvements in outreach and also answers to prayer.  If you pray with us, please pray for safety and saving and daily food, consistently, for our 3 children first mentioned, in this update, for the child whose father was murdered and whose mother is in jail, for 2 others of our children, siblings, who had been removed a year ago from their “home” because they were being abused, and have been in an orphanage, which is now closing, and we of outreach are trying to find placement for them. Also please pray for our outing tomorrow, that ALL the children will be allowed to go on it, for safety on the bus and hiking in the mountain, for a great time for all, for friendship building. Thank you!IMG_1305


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