Footprints to Zanzibar

On self-care, from a Christian perspective…

“We are God’s own prized possessions. Prized possessions are something you take care of.

Yet for some of us, taking care of our bodies seems sub-Biblical. Somewhere or other we learned an acronym for JOY that went like this: ‘Jesus first, Others second, Yourself last.’ There is truth in this adage but it can also morph into a twisted theology about human worthlessness. Human beings are never worthless. God gave His dearest and only Son to love human beings – beings He treasures and adores. One of the greatest gifts we have next to Jesus is our own selves. We are gifts of God. His Spirit lives in us. And we are to receive the divine love that takes residence in our bodies. We are to take it in and let it form us into a place of prayer.” – Spiritual Disciplines Handbook-Practices that Transform Us, Adele Calhoun.IMG_0129


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