Footprints to Zanzibar

Two Outings with the Children!

Today we did outings with both the morning batch of children and the afternoon one.  We took them to the hillside with the big statue on top of it, in the edge of this city. All the children except one or two had never been to this place before, even though it is considered within their own city. They were SO excited and happy they could barely sit still and one little guy H., who is five, stood on a wooden chair within the bus, holding on to a railing, with his nose pressed to the glass of the window for one whole HOUR (we traveled slowly!) gazing at his city as we passed through it. The kids all sang on both trips, at the tops of their voices, at their own instigation. In the afternoon group which is at least twice the size as the morning group, we had a couple of falls, a hurt leg and a blistered hand, but nothing more serious, thank God. On the way up the mountainside to where the statue and a little park are, we all looked out the windows at the two-million inhabitant city of Cochabamba on one side and then, as the switchbacks of the narrow gravel road continue, at the adjoining city of Sacaba on the other side.  In between is a shallow, polluted lake, the “Laguna Alalay”. D., 9 years old, peered out excitedly and yelled, “Look!  I see a blue SHIP on the water!” He was talking about a tiny, rickety old row boat. J., 6 years old, yelled, “Aquatic plants!  Aquatic plants!” He was talking about some contaminated algae, in huge clumps, visible in the lake floating just under the surface of the water.


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