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In Australia, or, “The Empty Nest”

In Australia, or, “The Empty Nest”

-a poem by NinadesusOjos




In Australia I watched kangaroos and wallabies.

In a small zoo, saw

iridescent-tailed platypus,

surreal koalas eating gum,

Boxy chocolate kookaburras,

Pea green tree frogs with Yoda faces,

a family of them, eleven,

all different sizes,

piled on top of each other

like a heap of sticky emeralds.

Small gray wallabies like babies,

Tall rangey kangaroos like gawky


All the females

with their offspring in their pouch,

safely, cozy, in their pouch.

But my children, oh, they’re FAR away!

What makes a home?

I never thought I could envy a wallaby.

Zookeepers told, “Joeys keep their offspring

near the pouch two years or longer.”

How many, translated to humans?

I never believed I could envy a kangaroo…

I watched those females,

their young safe within their pouch

or hopping nearby, blythe,

ready to dive back in at sign

of danger.

Those moms grazed alert, brooding,

watchful, content.

My children, so far away,

now with only God vigilant over them

each night and day. (NOT ME!)

No longer me…

I place them, yet again,

in HIS care each day.

No longer me…


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