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Don Panchito

Today’s post is in tribute to Don Panchito, who was the caretaker for over 15 years, eleven kilometers out of town at the Quechua Radio transmitor/antennae site.  He was only 38 and he died four Saturdays ago, suddenly, unexpectedly, tragically.  Surely shatteringly, for his family.

He hadn’t been feeling well for about six months, and had gone several times to the hospital in Quillacollo, where he’d been told he had a lingering chest cold.

Turns out he was actually in the most severe stages of longterm tuberculosis, which never got diagnosed.  Never got treated.

There are SO MANY PEOPLE in Bolivia who die before their time and, as a dear friend mentioned to us recently, it all kind of goes below the radar.  We have a lot of tuberculosis in Bolivia, even still.

Quietly, the death of a young adult, the death of almost anybody, leaves a quietly hurting family behind.  That hurt doesn’t go away fast.

My brother in Christ had a humble but incredibly important full time ministry for the Lord.  He loved Mosoj Chaski Ministries with his whole heart and took personal pride and ownership in rising at three thirty a.m. daily to turn on the transmittor, check all the dials and settings, and make sure that God’s Word of personal love and salvation offered to every individual in South America, in this case one hundred percent in the Quechua language, was going out on schedule and as it should.

Don Panchito, we are missing you.


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