how I learn how much God loves me.

Thinking about truth…

I’m a steel-firm believer in the adage that “all truth is God’s truth”. Please don’t misunderstand me – in other words, IF it’s really TRUE, it’s God’s! How could it not be, since God is the Good Creator of ALL, as  WELL as so much more! This does not mean that I believe anything and everything is truth, or even that everything has a grain of truth in it! Where the challenge comes in is discerning whether or not any particular piece of input IS truth. I’m GLAD God gives us the responsibility to discern that for ourselves. Highlights the importance of education for ourselves and for our children, that teaches the person to THINK for herself, and of an autodidactic attitude throughout one’s life. I’m a Christian who believes the Bible is the inspired Word of God, the special Revelation of his mind and heart and will for us.  His “special”, less general truth and personal guidance for us. I like the fact that Holy Father God, who is, or wants to be if we let him be, our loving Abba through personal relationship (a difference, from all the other religions of the world) in his over-arching plan ordained that we, his children, through God’s Spirit dwelling within us from the moment we believe, have the responsibility to think hard, to sift for what is genuine truth, and for what is not. God didn’t make us washing machines, or cars, or little robots.  He gave us tremendous responsibility to choose, to respond to Him.  Or not to. It adds so much spice to my life to think about, to read about, to study about, the vast span of God’s creation, in its variety and beauty. And to be able to know that what I learn from doing that, after looking at all the facts, studies, objective data and sifting that from other people’s interpretations of facts and data, is truth from my God, for me! As much as, is ALSO and much more specifically to ME, all the words of the Bible! The Bible is my authoritative truth, by which I evaluate the bodies of opinion, from others, that postulate in  society, as truth. We have all of God’s creation to enjoy also!  He’s given it to us and it’s a priceless gift of love! The iridescent graceful  magnificence of a tropical fish darting among the blue-green and malachite nuances of a coral reef off Aquaba, in the Red Sea. All shot through with sunlight from the surface. The sight of it, the memory of it, is a gift to me from God! The inner workings of the human mind, its self-healing properties, its intuitions.  Its emotions. Family relationships. The intricacies of the human body, and how God makes babies to develop in utero, then be born, then grow.  The properties of human language! The taste of a mango. The healthy pull you feel in your leg muscle as you climb an Andes rock face. And the interesting thing is, if one looks really closely at the Bible, studying it, the Bible has things to say about our noticing and our enjoyment and our use and our personal decision making about all these things too! Satisfying. All gifts from God to me. And other, similar ones, to you. A countless variety of different gifts. God, please help us, your children, to do a little more naming of and being grateful for, and searching out more of, your gifts to us this day, in all their abundance and variety. Amen.


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