Rooted in Christ, Joyful in Relationship, on the Move in Inner Growth.

Goodbye, sweet Thailand!

Tues., March 24th, 2015. 8:15 p.m.

This afternoon we flew from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, accompanied by a freeing and cooling HEAVY DOWNPOUR  of rain that cleared the heavy smoke from the mountains above the city.  That smoke’s been hanging over somewhat brown, dry Chiang Mai for weeks, from what our friends tell us.  It’s a product of slash-and-burn agriculture.

We rise at four in the morning, to fly from Bangkok to Tokyo, then Tokyo to Atlanta, then Atlanta to Jacksonville where we stop for a few days.

It’s been FANTASTIC to be here, to learn, to grow, to stretch, be challenged, and share.  How privileged we are!

This morning at the third and last of three different “mini-moves” in the past two weeks within Thailand, as I packed our bags in the smoky hills above Chiang Mai, I felt my spirit begin to rise up and rebel and get sad and slightly panic-y again, because of constant transitions throughout my life.  I was not surprised, as I’ve learned to recognize the old, familiar pattern in myself, by now.  Whenever I have to pack my suitcase again, I get feelings of sadness and upset, no matter how exciting, exotic, wonderful or adventurous my travel itinerary or opportunity is.  Circumstances many other people would die for, are jealous of, make ME feel a little sad and a little deprived! I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the life of almost constant transitions.

This morning, I went to God with my sad feelings. Immediately.  It helped and, of course, when I finished packing, I felt a little better too.  Then the “goodbyes”, the shuttle vans, the (fantastic!) day-visit in a home, airport waits, security, departure lounge and a very rough and nausea-producing one-hour flight.  The rain.  The steamy heat of Bangkok, stepping out of the airport.  Now we will sleep.  It’s all okay.  I was able to say, several times throughout this, another transition day, in a life of constant transitions, “God, help me please, with these negative feelings right now, about traveling? God, thank You that you are with me, with us.” I meant it.  And He did. And He is…


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