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Truth is stranger, and often sadder, than fiction.

Today I’m saddened to a certain extent, though happy at the joyful ending, by something here in Bolivia that I learned about through Facebook exactly one month ago.  A friend and colleague of mine posted a photo of a 14-year-old in La Paz, who disappeared from her home that day, 30 days ago, and asked prayer for this child.

I reposted it on my own Facebook page for awhile, before I took it down.

Today, my same colleague posted an anonymous post with a La Paz newspaper attached link, telling of how the girl’s mother never stopped searching for her, every day, had hired a private investigator to help her find her daughter, went out combing the streets of La Paz every single morning.  The child’s father is in jail.

One day ago, the child’s father’s cell phone rang, in the La Paz jail, and he answered it.  It was his 14-year-old daughter, crying and calling for help!  She said she and five other 13 and 14 year-old girls had escaped from a brothel in Rurrenabarque and were in hiding in that same town.  She pleaded for someone to come and get her.

The father called the mother, the mother called the private investigator.  He said he would not and could not go, since it was his day off.

So, the mother, accompanied by her 11-year-old son, got on public transportation from La Paz to Rurrenabarque, a ride of some 16 hours down the mountainsides to the depths of the northern and western Amazon jungles of Bolivia, and she found and rescued her daughter!

The girl was dehydrated and with cuts and bruises across her legs.  She said she’d been kidnapped by two Bolivian men and one foreign man, in the central square of her neighborhood of La Paz, Miraflores, and loaded into a vehicle with other girl children, and that one of the kidnappers paid money to the ROAD OFFICIALS (“transito” at the “tranca”) to let them pass through.

She said, once in Rurrenabarque, she and the other children were made to work as prostitutes in the brothel; she gave many names and details.

Human trafficking is growing by leaps and bounds in Bolivia and in other places.  Society needs to stand up for what is right, fight against these horrible crimes and violations of children’s and humans’ rights, and pray against these terrible evils also.


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  1. Thank God she escaped and her story is being told but at the same time my heart aches for this girl and the thousands of others who did not survive or have not escaped. Oh I pray for this madness to come to a screeching halt!


    February 25, 2015 at 10:44 pm

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