In crossculture. People watching. Community in the two-thirds world and other places. About questions too: "Higher up and further in!" with an outreach twist? How?

“Amidst the multitude of thoughts…”

IMG_1323Two OLD and beautiful stanzas of a song, from Scotland.  Gleaned from the frontispiece of a small, OLD booklet put out by the (former) Christian Literature Crusade, “His Thoughts Said…His Father Said…”.  By one of my all time favorite authors, Amy Carmichael of Dohnavoor.   “Amidst the multitude of thoughts Which in my heart do fight, My soul, lest it be overcharged, Thy comforts do delight.       Those that are broken in their heart, And grieved in their minds, HE healeth, And their painful wounds HE tenderly upbinds.”       Psalms 94:19, Psalms 174:3. Scots metrical version.


Has this touched you in some way? Please feel free to reply!

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