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Back with “my” children every day!

I may need to try to make pictures with my words, since it’s difficult, only sometimes, to take photos in this daily world.  Working in team, helping to teach and to love and to life-on-life mentor 44 children, aged 3 – 18,  in a neighborhood of this city of one and a-half million inhabitants.

This morning I walked in and all the children were sitting around the dining room tables with dingy soft cover Bibles open before them, reading verses around the circle in turn, and studying the passage in Matthew 8 about Jesus and the disciples being out on the Sea of Galilee in a boat and, a huge storm comes up, and Jesus tells the disciples, “Don’t be afraid”.

The founder of this outreach, S., talked to the kids in a soft voice about how Jesus was always with them, and would never leave them even when they felt very afraid.

Then she listed some of the things they often felt very afraid about and the kids all nodded their heads in sage agreement, that these were their fears:  when there’s no money to buy any food and you are very hungry,  problems with your moms and your dads,  when it’s getting very late and you are alone and mom has not come home yet.

One of the kids had brought a little chick, just a few days old, this morning and it walked around on the tables while the kids did their homework, cheeping and pecking at some bread crumbs they gave it.



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