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All “my” children….

Since arriving back in Bolivia the other day, I’ve been catching up on the situations of our children, with my friend who spent the 20 years in Europe and then returned to her homeland, Bolivia, to start this outreach-a day program of educational and nutritional support  to children in the “Neighborhood”.

On Saturday night the father of one of our eleven-year-olds, Amalia*, was found murdered on the floor of one of the dozens of brothels in the zone. Amalia had been living with her father and her grandmother, because the child’s mother had been caught selling drugs and sent to prison a few months ago.  Amalia’s father had been well-known as a drug dealer in this area.

Now we are praying for God to make clear what a new and good living situation for Amalia might be, and help it to become a reality. She can not stay with the grandmother since the woman is cruel and irresponsible.




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