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We get to Make a Different Choice

Romans 4:3  Abraham believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness.

It’s “Holy Week”!  Welcome to “Holy Week”!  And, God, would YOU cause every week to be “holy week” in my heart and in my life?  Would You give me a huge and constant thirst for You, for knowing You better, for seeking You out through your Word the Bible, and in prayer more constantly and more vigorously?  Thanks, God!

Beth Moore has this, in her “Believing God” Bible study guide.   “I crave to leave a legacy of faith to my children, and not just a list of works.”  Oh how my heart longs for this, as well!  As I read through Romans 4, what hits me most profoundly is that, even in Old Testament times it seems that Paul is teaching that people were saved by believing, only.  Not by works.  That’s God’s basic principle, that has always BEEN.

God is profoundly GOOD.

God is profoundly a GIVER, not a TAKER.

Here’s something else.IMG_2021

“To the praise, glory and honor of my wonderful God, I have been free from the cycle of defeat for years.  Do you know how?  I chose to believe God.  He said I was forgiven.  That I was beautiful to Him.  That He had a purpose for my life.  That I was a new woman no less.  That I no longer had to carry old baggage or turn to old comforts……..that His all-surpassing power was within my jar of clay (see 2 Corinthians 4:7).  And one day at a time I chose to believe Him.”

Some days I cried like a baby because I’d feel the old, destructive habits start to rise.  So often I said to myself out loud, “You are not that woman anymore.  You get to make a different choice.”.  And I would.  Present-Active-Participle believing God.  That’s how God broke the cycle.” (Beth Moore)



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