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What do I do with evidence?

“Often the Christian is accused of taking a “blind leap into the dark”.  This idea often finds itself rooted in Kierkegaard.

For me, Christianity was not a “leap into the dark”, but rather “a step into the light”.  I took the evidence that I could gather and placed it on the scales.  The scales tipped in favor of Christ as the Son of God, resurrected from the dead.  The evidence so overwhelmingly leans toward Christ that when I became a Christian, I was “stepping into the ligh” rather than “leaping into the darkness.”

If I had been exercising “blind faith”, I would have rejected Jesus Christ and turned my back on all the evidence.

Be careful.  I am not saying that I proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus is the Son of God.  What I did was to investigate the evidence and weigh the pros and cons.  The results showed that Christ must be who He claimed to be, and I had to make a decision, which I did.  The immediate reaction of many is, “You found what you wanted to find.”  This is not the case.  I confirmed through investigation what I wanted to refute.  I set out to disprove Christianity.  I had biases and prejudices not for Christ but contrary to Him.

Hume would say historical evidence is invalid because one cannot establish “absolute truth”.  I was not looking for absolute truth but rather for “historical probability.”   -quote from J. McDowell’s “Evidence that Demands a Verdict, Evidence I”.IMG_0681


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