how I learn how much God loves me.

Jogging and reading, two favorite activities..

Wow, these days one could even combine them through using audio-books, if one wanted to!  I listen to music while I jog.  Don’t think I could stay nearly so motivated for jogging if I didn’t.

Delightful thoughts on running from a delightful book I found in the Rye Public Library, called “Running Like a Girl” by Alexandra Heminsley.

“Somehow I had forgotten the itch in my legs when I was in school, looking up at the clock, back at the teacher, and out of the window.  Soon.  Then, the very second the bell rang, we would grab our coats and head outside to play whatever game we could think of, as long as it meant running around.  We didn’t call it running at that age because running was how we did everything, mittens trailing from our sleeves and braids whipping at our cheeks.  We were just children doing our thing.  We ran and we laughed.  They were one and the same.” – Alexandra Heminsley in her book, “Running Like a Girl – Notes on Learning to Run.” pp. 4-5.

a Guatemala Kite I saw in Antigua.

a Guatemala Kite I saw in Antigua.


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