In crossculture. People watching. Community in the two-thirds world and other places. About questions too: "Higher up and further in!" with an outreach twist? How?

From “Finding Calcutta” by Dr. Mary Poplin

IMG_2194 “They do not analyze the worthiness of people or the cause of their poverty – they simply (reach out) as quickly as possible to the best of their ability.  To the missionaries, poverty is first a spiritual problem and only secondarily a political one.  (Teresa of Calcutta) said, “I won’t mix in politics.  War is the fruit of politics and so, I don’t involve myself, that’s all.  If I get stuck in politics I will stop loving.  Because I will have to stand by one, not by all.  That is the difference.”  – p. 50, “Finding Calcutta” by Dr. Mary Poplin

“One result of (the missionaries’ first-hand knowledge of poverty is that they do not treat poor parents as the enemies of poor children.  They value and seek to serve the whole family.” – p. 57, “Finding Calcutta” by Dr. Mary Poplin


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