how I learn how much God loves me.

Huge Answer to Prayer!

My friend S., the founder and director of this work with the children, and the person I wrote the story of a few posts back now, a week or two ago, got invited by some short-term outreach workers from the U.S. to attend a global conference on Christian outreach to sex trade workers that’s going to be held in the month of May in Wisconsin.

She REALLY wanted to go, but it’s very difficult at times for persons from here to obtain a visa, even a tourist visa for a short trip.

S. had to do SO MANY THINGS to get ready for her in-person-interview with the U.S. Embassy in La Paz, to see if they would grant her the visa or not.  She had to put all her money up front, she had to collect letters of recommendation, she had to fill out paperwork, she had to present all kinds of documents on this ministry.

And, she had to travel all the way to La Paz, on the busses (an eight hour ride, one way) and show up yesterday at 9 a.m. in the American Embassy, to have her INTERVIEW for a tourist visa.

My friend was really nervous about all this.  She asked me and a bunch of other people to be praying together with her about this opportunity for her to visit the United States, attend this specialized ministry conference on behalf of our 57 children here, and through these activities LEARN MORE about how to BETTER WORK WITH AND MINISTER TO THESE CHILDREN.

We were praying about it. My friend set out for La Paz on the bus on Sunday, to have her interview at the U.S. embassy there.

Yesterday I walked into the place to start my afternoon with the children and MY FRIEND WAS THERE HELPING A LITTLE ONE WITH HER SCHOOL HOMEWORK!

She had not even rested in the city of La Paz, and had chosen not to stay overnight there.



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