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Little Things

With the children, at our work and fellowship place, there are some little things that need to be changed.  I’m beginning to pray and work toward seeing these changed.

These would not be considered small and unimportant in many other countries and contexts.  Goes to show the pervasiveness and depth of the often unconcious concept of cultural world view and, just as brightly if not more so, it outlines in orange marker the subtle effects of extreme poverty.

One thing is that, in the stairwell the rough cement stairs are completed but in half of them, and it’s the upper half, there is NO railing or wall AT ALL.  If a child should slip, fall, or be pushed  they might be killed or very badly hurt.

Another thing is that across the stairwell, hanging very low and loosely, is a thick black electrical cable with live juice flowing through it.

And a third  is, and this is of a different sort, is that children’s vaccinations are of CRUCIAL importance, and especially in contexts like ours, for powerfully boosting the kids against enormous odds toward long, full, joyful, redeemed, productive and thoughtful lives.  I could check with S. , and together we could check with the primary guardian/family member of each of the children and see if all the childhood vaccinations are in order and up-to-date.  I have an uneasy feeling that they’reQgirl-tomatos not.


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