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Beginning Notes on Daily Work..

My Bolivian sister S. started this work, and I now have the incredible privilege of coming alongside her and others and serving in it.  First, let me tell you a little about the neighborhood in which we do this work and in which all the children live.  Things look rather normal, for here anyways, on the outside of the neighborhood, but the dozens and dozens of brothels begin in the street right behind our street, and continue for miles all around.  Many of the children live right in the brothels with their mothers; others live in tiny rented rooms a few blocks away.  Some of the mothers sometimes “give away” (sell) their newborns.  Sometimes it’s the older women who do daycare for the moms, who are involved in the selling of the children.  Some of the mothers become addicted to drugs, with the most common drugs being the blocks of cheapest, most impure cocaine (known as “base de cocaina” around here, and not being real cocaine at all, but just the rough substance from which real cocaine is then fabricated), alcohol and yellow glue.  S. says that all the moms she’s met so far are younger than she is, and that these mothers often die young.

Presently there are 57 children of these mothers in Word and Deed, ranging from the ages of 3 to 18.  One of the activities we do with the kids is helping them with their school homework.


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