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Excerpts from Old Notebooks from My First Year Being an Outreacher

Note from my university friend in front of an old blank book:

August, 1979  “Dear Ninadesusojos,

When I found out you were going away, and I pictured the adventure, I knew just what I wanted you to do – WRITE!  I am sure you could articulate the experiences the Lord is going to give you and bring you both through!  My love and prayers are with you,   -J.”

First journal entry in the blank book, by me.  It was August 24, 1979, and I was six months married, freshly graduated from university and 22 years old. My only-slightly-older-than-me husband and I had just flown from Boston, Massachussetts to Boa Vista, Northern Brazil to serve as outreachers in a jungle place without roads to it far north of  the then frontier town of Boa Vista, near the Guyana border.

“This is the first moment I have had since the plane trip to sit down, and it won’t be for long, since in a few moments I must dust the windowsills and sweep the floor in “our” room, here, where P. is right now “white”-washing the mud walls a bright green!  In fact, he just finished, and took the bucket outside to slap the rest of the green whitewash on the outer wall.  Doesn’t seem like that will look very good, though.  I will get up now to do the sweeping.

There.  I just finished, and maybe can manage now to get a few more lines written.

We are IN the village of P., with the M. ethnic group – FAR sooner than we expected!  The flight from my home to Miami went without incident. The Miami Airport, which I’ve never been in before, is HUGE. We heard lots of people speaking Spanish.  There is dark red old carpet throughout the whole airport.  While waiting for the Varig flight to Manaus from Miami we talked with a young Brazilian student going home for vacation to Rio.  He said he knew NOTHING about northern Brazil and said he had never met a Brazilian Indigenous in his life.  That surprised me.”


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