how I learn how much God loves me.

Suggestions for Shopping the Big Market



separate you from people.

Thread your knees

between idling taxis,

inching gargantuan buses.

Squeeze yourself

among ten thousand

warm bodies,

all shorter than you.

Your eyes assailed

teeming worlds of bright,

melèe of colors,

by a new universe

of strange (only to you!)


Whiff of frying meat

assaults your nose,

old urine,

fragrance of mountained roses,

stench of rotting garbage,

husky aroma of homemade leather goods,

wet grassy FRESH of handwoven baskets

mingled with fish getting older,

tang of ripening nectarines.

All this is the lives of families,

of children working,

of persons like you.

Please know it’s not only another trip.

Do realize it’s not just a destination

to check off

your bucket list.   -a poem by Niñadesusojos.


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