Congo to a teenager. Bolivia. Cameroun. What is a faun? Higher up and further in with an outreach twist. Writing.

“Word and Deed”

IMG_4487 IMG_4364 IMG_4399 IMG_5567IMG_4371IMG_0117“Word and Deed”‘is sharing  the Gospel of Jesus Christ and medical help in a rural area in Bolivia. “Word and Deed” is an outreach God gave the vision for, and it’s a personal, relational, one-to-one kind of ministry involving evangelism and “mercy ministry” to street children, other street people, and persons who are marginalized by society, deeply hurting, or indigent in some way.

Built into the “Word and Deed” blueprint is the goal of personal, very small-group discipleship studies, and then gradual  encouragment for the individual to become integrated into a local body of believers.

For these reasons the “modus operandi” for Word and Deed involve ALL the Word and Deed team people having a strong working knowledge of the Spanish language and preferably the Quechua language as well, because, during all of the work and activities of Word and Deed, we talk with the individuals, we make friends with the individuals, we “connect” ourselves, through verbal language, welcoming body language and inward prayer, in a posture of respect and liking, to the individuals.


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