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Elated to be Settling in and Getting Busy Locally

P. and I feel God is helping us in these weeks to gradually settle in, locally.  In recent years we go and come from Bolivia so constantly in the course of fulfilling some of our other, outside-of-Bolivia work responsibilities, that it becomes challenging for us to quickly put down deep roots again when we DO get home to Bolivia, and spring into action with local, hands-on work!  It’s happening steadily and fully, though, this time ’round.  God provided an opportunity for me to leave this city, in a few days, and together in outreach team with two Bolivian women colleagues, travel to an extremely remote area of the Western Amazon River Basin to teach Biblical truths, with visuals, to children and adults deep in the jungle.  We’re excited about this privileged experience, coming up, and we’re working hard to prepare for the adventure of it.  Lots to think about, lots to get together!  Simple but clear applied Bible lessons, flannelgraph materials for the illustrations, tons of medicines and cases of powdered milk (child and adult severe malnutrition, anemia and tuberculosis are all rampant where we are going) and of course we must not forget our own anti-malarial meds, bug repellant, suitable cool cotton clothing and food and drinking water.)



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