how I learn how much God loves me.

I’m impressed by the high level of connectivity and unity of this large disparate collection of ancient documents.

The Bible was written in a large variety of literary styles, including poetry, historical narrative, song, romance, didactic treatise, personal correspondence, memoir, satire, biography, autobiography, law, prophecy, parable and allegory.

The Bible addresses hundreds of controversial subjects, subjects that create opposing opinions when mentioned or discussed.  The biblical writers treated hundreds of hot topics (e.g., marriage, divorce and remarriage, adultery, obedience to authority, truth-telling and lying, character development, parenting, the nature and revelation of God.  Yet from Genesis through Revelation these writers addressed them with an amazing degree of harmony.

The Bible is the only book that was written over about a fifteen-hundred-year span, by more than forty authors from every walk of life, including kings, military leaders, peasants, philosophers, fishermen, tax collectors, poets, musicians, statesmen, scholars and shepherds.

It was written on Asia, Africa and Europe, in three different languages, Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek.

Among all the people described in the Bible, the leading character throughout is the one, true Living God made known through Jesus Christ.  Consider first the Old Testament:  the Law provides the foundation for Christ, the historical books show the preparation for Christ, the poetical works aspire to Christ, the prophecies display an expectation of Christ.

In the New Testament, the gospels record the historical manifestation of Christ, the Acts relate the propagation of Christ, the Epistles give the interpretation of Him, and in Revelation is found the consummation of all things in Christ.

From cover to cover, the Bible is Christocentric.

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most of this material taken, some of it verbatim, from “The New Evidence that Demands a Verdict” by Josh McDowell, and GIB’s 86, 29, Geisler and Nix.)


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