Rooted in Christ, Joyful in Relationship, on the Move in Inner Growth.

There are those…

“There are those who, while they love the altar and delight in the sacrifice (Tozier is speaking of the Old Testament imagery of the ancient Israeli altar building, out of stones, and animal sacrifices upon the altars, which were a “figure” or “proto-type”, looking ahead, toward the once-and-for-all sacrifice/atonement for sin  of Jesus, the “Perfect Lamb of God”, on the cross.)………are yet unable to reconcile themselves to the continued absence of fire.  They desire God above all.  They are athirst to taste for themselves the “piercing sweetness” of the love of Christ about Whom all the holy prophets did write and the psalmists did sing.”  – A.W. Tozier in his book, “The Pursuit of God”.


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