Rooted in Christ, Joyful in Relationship, on the Move in Inner Growth.

The “Word and Deed” side of things..

IMG_0113IMG_3133IMG_3363IMG_4366IMG_4390IMG_5373IMG_3103“Word and Deed” is a newer aspect of my husband’s and my life and outreach in Bolivia, that God has been leading us into.  It is basically one-to-one personal evangelism and “mercies” outreach, to destitute persons in the streets of Cohabamba and in other places in Bolivia, with built-in goals, plans and strategies toward the building of lasting friendships and personal discipleship Bible study ministry!

At this MOMENT the team of “Word and Deed” is not cooking and offering meals, as we were for a number of months about a year and more ago; we are beginning to pray and plan toward the starting up of the meals, again, in two months’ time, to combine with the personal words of friendship, God’s love for the person, and the presentation of God’s way of salvation, from the Bible, in our calling, effort and desire to open up, and then build, personal friendship/discipleship/witness to Jesus……….with individuals in our city.  “Out of the saltshaker…..into the world!”  is our daily desire..


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